When was the last time a dream captivated your heart? Maybe, its been a while. For some, life gets too busy for dreaming. For others, life doesn’t seem worth dreaming about. Whether you are in a slump (some last longer than others…), or find yourself too busy to explore the desires of your heart, one question must be answered by us all: Is there more to life than this? That question sounds different depending on the place you are in, but the answer is important. Does God really give us the desires of our hearts? Is this all He has for me? What’s next?

We know that God gives us dreams, visions, and hopes for a future, but why? Throughout this series, my prayer is that you will dream again, tune into what God is speaking to your heart and set your feet on the trail of a new adventure. No matter if you are young or old, God has something new for YOU today.

Will you join me in asking God to speak something new into our hearts? I am convinced that God wants to stir up old dreams and give life to new ones. He wants to remind us of promises He has made and give us fresh vision for the glorious future we have in Him. Stay in a posture of receiving this morning, and expect God to do something great in your life as we venture into 2017!

-Pastor Javin van Kaam