The Better Plan

Everything makes much more sense in hindsight. Is easier to trust and rest when we can see an overview of God's bigger plan - as we map out our traveled route. But when life takes sudden turns and unexpected stops the hardest part is in the unknown. Are we lost? Are we where we're supposed to be? Melissa shares her journey, the pit stops, and hopeful future in this personal story about motherhood.

Manifesto - Chapter 2

I realized I had been so restless about it because it hadn't run through "Mio's Creative Process." I had little to no clue who the women of grace were. What's worse is that my perspective was off and I had a lot of misconceptions. However, God knows exactly who we are as individuals and as a community.

Manifesto - Chapter 1

I can lose my grip on big picture concepts from time to time. I admit I had experienced mood swings with how I felt about our manifesto (mission statement). I also felt awkward about how to explain the reason behind the roots of In the Glow. In my preparations for Storyteller Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I discovered some things that blessed me to pieces!

The Kindness of the King

The Kindness of the King draws us close and causes to examine what we hold in our hands. Upon seeing what life to the fullest looks like, you will willingly trade the death sin produced for the newness of life found in Him!

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My Dream Came to an End

. Why did I give up?  I suppose most people have gone through this almost/halfway/maybe/not quite obtaining the pinnacle of a dream experience. Becoming resigned to the outcome, but disappointed and still having the desire to go further. A dream half realized.  I know I have and I actually thought it was God’s will for me to give up the dream in the same way I thought it was His will for me to begin. 

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Family Fall Festival | PHOTO ALBUM

Our first Family Fall Festival was a huge success! We are so happy with the way that everything turned out. We were blown away by the amount of people who attended. Not only was our church family able to enjoy the games, bounce houses and trunk or treating, but a surprisingly large amount of people from the surrounding community also attended. We estimate a few hundred people made their way through the Festival, That’s amazing!

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From Death to Life

Chase, Luke, Leilani and Princess made the decision to get baptized on Sunday --- an outward expression of the newness of life that they have experienced in Jesus. From death to life. Complete transformation. A New Creation.

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He Understands Our Human Condition

I’m grateful God knows and understands my human condition. He created me to have feelings. His love is not dependent on my acting right, much less feeling right. He is the safest place in the world to bring my authentic self, warts and all.  

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An incredible season of 10 years has come to a close, but we couldn't let it end without celebrating the memories and honoring the man who has been so faithful through it all! Thank you, Javin! Our lives are better because you have been a part of them!

If you missed Sunday night, NO WORRIES! Click HERE to watch the recording of the full service.

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She No Longer Exists

My heart and soul knew this. My mind took a while to catch up to this reality. Shadows from my past were constantly being thrust to the forefront of my mind. I realized that if the God of the universe, in His mercy, didn't remember the old me, then I had nothing to feel ashamed about. The love and acceptance of my Father overshadowed everything else.

Then people happened.

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What a massive difference it makes when we stop hounding them about behavior, and start sharing with them about identity in Christ. When we understand who He is and who we are in Him, we can stand confidently in the truth.  WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. It changes everything. This reality shifts our perspective and allows us to boldly run to the throne of grace without any fear or hesitation.

Our students know this truth well, and their lives are the evidence. With the pure Gospel of Grace as their foundation, they are unstoppable.

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Our Beautiful Charge

"I can imagine Lazarus in the tomb, his body beginning to decay and bound with the robes and stench of death. With His word 'Lazarus, come out!' Lazarus was given resurrected life by Jesus. However, it was what Jesus said afterwards that caught me off guard. He said: “'Take off the grave clothes and let him go.'” Ok, so it's not what He said that surprised me, but who it is said to."