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Joy Of Giving

Steps to giving on-line:

  1. If you have already given to Grace Church on-line and are prepared to do so now, please click here.  Thank you!
  2. If you have not given to Grace Church on-line but are considering that option please read The Joy of Giving (below) and follow the simple instructions.  Thank you!

There is little joy in giving when it is a result of pressure, or initiated by a sense of compulsion.

Some church leaders teach that people should give till it hurts.  Well, what fun is that?  Never mind that it isn’t biblical!

We have no desire to have a church filled with “hurting” givers.  On the contrary, we want every act of giving here at Grace Church to be filled with joy, satisfaction, and anticipation knowing that they are investing in that which is biblically centered, life changing, and God-honoring.

What place does the tithe have in the New Covenant of Grace?

While “tithing” is largely an Old Testament concept, many find it surprising that the tithe actually preceded the law.  Abraham gave a tithe out of gratitude and a heart of generosity. (Gen. 14:18-20)

“Give” and “giving” are terms most commonly used in the New Testament.  Giving from a New Testament perspective is a “heart” issue, not a legal issue.  Tithing applied to a New Covenant believer is a source of liberation not bondage.  Tithe simply means one tenth and gives us all a sense of direction.  It serves as “good advice” as does the rest of the Old Testament law.

We believe both concepts are biblically sound today, and are designed by God as a mechanism to engage us in the security and blessing of the economy of His Kingdom.

God by nature is a “giver”.  For this reason it is recorded, “it is better to give than it is to receive”. (Acts 20:35)

It is unfortunate that the topic of money in the church is so often misrepresented and abused.  Choosing to neglect the tithe or offering will not bring condemnation from God or from us.

The leadership of Grace Church wisely looks to God for His provision to carry out the vision of ministry and message that is so important to us.

Yet, we are thoroughly convinced that God has layered into the “act of giving” a promise found nowhere else –

“Give and it shall be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  (Luke 6:38)

Make a Difference

Changing Lives

Every gift is vitally important to the health and management of Grace Church ministries.  Lives are being changed and your financial support serves to encourage, equip, and empower our message and ministry.

Give Now

Schedule a recurring or one-time contribution.  Options include:

Other Giving Options

Sunday Morning Worship Experience

Envelopes are available to you located on the back of most chairs in the worship center.  Cash or checks (payable to Grace Church) can be sealed in a Grace Church envelope then placed in the Offering Boxes located at the entrance/exits of the worship center either before or after any given service.  You may also mail in your gift.

Creative Giving Ideas

Gifts other than cash, check, or card can be given as well:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Estate Planning
  • IRA
  • Gold/Silver
  • Land
  • Homes
  • Cars/Motorcycles/Boats
  • Jewelry
  • Coin collections
  • Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions or more information, contact the church online or call Grace Church at 407-998-5050, ext. 104.

Can I schedule recurring donations?

Yes – in fact, you can specify whether you would like to contribute weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Changes to your giving schedule are made easy for you.

Can I designate my giving?

The IRS has strict guidelines regarding charitable giving which has been designated.  Grace Leadership approved designated accounts can only serve as avenues of charitable giving.  Call the church office should you have any questions.  All donations received, unless otherwise designated and approved, will be considered “general contributions”.

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