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Price: $10.00
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Book Description
The revelation of God’s grace extended to believers in the New Covenant is the most life-giving truth one can experience. Grace not only applies to salvation, as most Protestants believe, but to the process of becoming like Christ in the way one thinks, acts, and experiences life on earth. Christians have the God-given capacity to live lives of joyous freedom and liberty that accurately reflect the life of Christ and are contagious to those around them.
The self-effort and behavior modification model of Christianity that most Protestants live under is a lie that has demoralized and defeated the Church for centuries. This book gives a biblical basis for a potential new reformation of the Church that will result in a massive rethinking of the Gospel. God is our Heavenly Father and He is much more gracious than we have been led to believe! Christ’s work to redeem us was thorough and absolute.
We are in a “state of Being” of union with God that provides security and liberty to live out our “sonship” with ever-increasing enthusiasm. The glorious Gospel has been corrupted by the “leaven of the law” and produces inferior results in the lives of believers. A revelation of grace will change any believer’s life and produce the abundance of life Jesus died to give.

Price: $30.00
“Pure Grace Conference 2013” – AUDIO
8 Sessions
If you weren’t able to make it to Pure Grace Conference 2013, you can still enjoy the audio from that incredible weekend! Pastor Clark Whitten, Pastor Bill Snell, and James Barron explore the depths of what Christ accomplished for every believer. The Good News is better than we’ve thought!
Price: $20.00
God’s GPS – The Feasts of Israel
8 Part Series
The Feasts of Israel are a prophetic blueprint for every believer’s life. They show in types and shadows what has happened and will happen in God’s plan for the Church. In a remarkable way the Feasts reveal God’s great commitment to make Himself known and inspires those who see to trust Him profoundly.
Price: $20.00
“What God is Really Like”
7 Part Series
What could possibly be more important than understanding what our Heavenly Father is really like? Religion has painted a portrait of God that is grotesque and denies believers the freedom of intimacy with Him. This series discusses God’s attributes and reveals a true picture of our great, loving Heavenly Father. When we see Him as He really is, we will love Him profoundly!
Price: $20.00
“The Things Freely Given to Us”
4 Part Series
In this four part series, we see the role of the Holy Spirit in revealing “the things freely given to us by God” and how very important those things are to our spiritual well-being. These great truths build on one another and reveal Jesus’ magnificent finished work. Life changing is a phrase that applies to these series of messages.
Price: $20.00
“Experiencing Grace” – AUDIO
6 Part Series
Grace sounds too good to be true! If it is true why haven’t we heard about it before? What you teach intrigues me but it cannot be that good or that easy. Doesn’t God care about how we act? This is a fairly typical response from Believers who first encounter grace. It sounds too good to be true but it is true! Liberty, joy, spiritual passion, hope, and a host of other blessings are produced by a revelation of grace. Grace is the gateway to our becoming fruitful, mature, and joyous disciples.
Price: $25.00
“Experiencing Grace” – DVD
6 Part Video Teaching Series
Watch and listen to Pastor Clark Whitten teach on the life-changing subject of Grace in a small group setting. The quality of teaching is enhanced by video and audio efforts serving to capture the powerful truths that this series contains. Each of the six messages is approximately 30-minutes in length, and is great for teaching and discussion. This is also a great tool for personal study, small groups, or a church discipleship series.

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