A Bride’s Song, A Bridegroom’s Love

A Bride’s Song, A Bridegroom’s Love
by Randy Thomas

… Once I got passed the “Look at my cool friend!” thought … I simply knew the Lord was inhabiting our praise. There was a moment where it wasn’t about her ability to lead, or incredible talent to sing, or being brave up on the stage; I could almost feel the moment right at the beginning of the song where her voice connected with Him. …

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The Best Laid Plans …

“The Best Laid Plans …”

by Worship Pastor, Abby Dolbear

Summers are quiet in our home. You would think that as parents of three children, our house would be busy, there would be a pile of dishes in the sink and stacks of laundry by the washer! There isn’t, and I do have to admit, I didn’t mind the reprieve in chores! A couple of years ago, we talked to each set of Grandparents and thought it would be great for the kids to spend a few weeks each summer at their places. It’s been a wonderful experience that the kids and Grandparents alike look forward to.

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Grace Affects Your Approach to Life and Ministry

Grace Affects Your Approach to Life and Ministry
By Randy Thomas

I want to share is a topic I have been meditating on for quite a while. I have been wondering,”What is the contrast between the sin management approach to life and ministry and a purely gracious approach to the same?”

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Dealing With a Bad Report

Dealing with a bad report
by Executive Pastor Bill Snell

The very nature of a “bad report” is just that – bad. No one likes to receive one. I hereby move that all “bad reports” be done away with. I don’t want to hear another one – ever!

But, unfortunately, I will…and you will too. So what am I going to do about it when it comes?

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He Did My Part

He Did My Part

by Youth Pastor Javin van Kaam

When it comes to the area of mathematics I am a complete and total failure. No matter how hard I try! In college I took more math classes than a math major due to failing each and every one of them multiple times. The humiliation and frustration drove me nuts.

This is why I firmly believe that accountants are angels sent from heaven. For the “math challenged” there is nothing more …

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Connecting The Dots

Connecting the Dots

by Pastor Bill Snell

…I already knew that the “sin nature” had been dealt with once and for all by Christ, but for some reason, I had not grasped the truth that the condemning effects of sin had also been abolished.

I realize now that I am forgiven – period! Past, present and future “forgiven”. There isn’t and never will be any condemnation from God, whether I confess or repent. When I change my mind about my behavior or actions and agree with God about it, I am better off, but He is never folding His arms waiting impatiently till I respond rightly in some satisfactory religious manner.

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What Must I Do?

What must I do?

by Youth Pastor Javin van Kaam

“I know I probably gamble more than I should and haven’t been to church in a while.” These words were typed across the screen in a chat recently after a friend of mine listened to one of my messages. His response was rather comical in realizing I was really a Pastor. He joked about cleaning up his act around me and asked how many things he needed to do to be forgiven. Even though I believe he was joking, there are likely millions of Christians in this world who wouldn’t have been.

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The Deal Is Still On

This is the podcast of the sermon by Pastor Bill Snell titled “The Deal is Still On” For August 21 2011.

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