Is Tithing Under The Law?


This is the podcast of the sermon by Pastor Clark Whitten titled “Here and Beyond: Is Tithing Under the Law?” For February 5th 2012.


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  1. by Jean Field-Ridley

    On May 1, 2012

    This message makes the case for giving liberally in the new covenant. It does not make the case for giving the precise amount of a tenth. In fact , the case has been made here that Jesus is that first fruit, which we present to God. He is our tithe, provided for us by God. Just as he is our blood sacrifice which we present to God. Why insist on a tenth? Is there fear that church needs will not be met? Yes, there will be childish, immature givers who will want to see how little they can get away with but not all NT non-tithers are like that. What a sweeping condemning generality.
    We have the choice of “electing people who have a brain. Who are not idiots” Said to great laughter. The implication here is that the liberals who have been elected have no brains, are idiots. The knowing laughter that accompanied the statement suggests that it is not the first time similar sentiments were expressed. Disappointing.
    I have been in forums where Christians have said that they could not bring themselves to pray for our President. This is not surprising, given the fact that they are subjected to weekly doses of dismissive and insulting words directed from the pulpit to those who are in authority in the land. How sad.

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