All of Scripture is held and woven together by a unified storyline and single plot:
the story of Christ and His love for humanity.


Knowing and experiencing God is a dynamic experience and it takes a community and all of its diversity to experience and express God fully.


Being a Storyteller means that we all carry a unique story - one that is connected to a bigger narrative. We believe more than ever, that as a community of believers, we have a crucial part to play in presenting the Good News to the world.

The Storytellers Initiative is a collection of personal stories, community outreach and serving opportunities designed to help articulate and capture the essence of God and the church. It is the heartbeat of who we are!


Ways of becoming
a Storyteller


1. Learn more about our Storytellers Initiative and what makes our community unique.


You will have 2 opportunities this year to attend "WE ARE STORYTELLERS" gathering nights. These nights are designed to connect you to the history and vision of the church, the foundation of our grace teachings, our Storyteller Initiative and how to further connect in our community. 

Volume #1 "Experiencing Grace " 
on Tuesdays for 6 weeks (April 25 - May 30) • 7-8:30pm

Volume #2 "Mindstyles + Grace Basics " 
on Tuesdays for 3 weeks (August 19 - 29) • 7-8:30pm

2. Share your story.  Stories are the heartbeat of our initiative. By sharing your testimony with us, you are helping to strengthen the church body. Don't ever underestimate the power of your story. 


3. Engage in community through Storytelling (serving) and joining a group.

4. Help us to reach more people locally and globally with the grace message through giving.