What are you doing this Sunday night? Let me tell you. You are coming to STATIC! Get in your car (or get a ride) and join us from 6pm-8pm here at Grace Church. What is STATIC you ask? It’s a gathering just for middle and high school students at a church. Why would you want to come to church on a Sunday night when you could be sitting around doing nothing, you ask? I already went to church on Sunday morning, you say? You have to experience it to understand!


At STATIC, you’ll meet friendly and fun loving people like yourself, enjoy a youth facility filled with arcade games, console games, air hockey and ping pong, as well as worship with a live band (that’s loud…) and hear something that deals with the issues you face every week. On top of that you’ll experience fun and games, opportunities to serve the community, and encounter God who wants a relationship with you instead of religious observance.


I mean, what do you even think about God anyway? Is He some fun-killing, super-mad-all-the-time, God who commands you to worship Him and beg for mercy every week or is there more to this story? Maybe you don’t believe He even exists or maybe you worship Him every day but are unsure of what He thinks about you. STATIC is a safe place. You can ask these kinds of questions, seek answers, or prove to yourself that you were right (or wrong). No matter what you look like, smell like, or believe we invite you to come and experience something different and hear a message that might be different than anything you’ve ever heard before. No, Seriously! Get off your couch, and come join us this week! You’ll love that you did.