• TRUNK OR TREAT: Just pull in your car, open your trunk, decorate it and pass out a bunch of candy. The fun is in the decorations! Get as elaborate and creative as you’d like. If you’d like to include a themed game do that too!

·         Decorated Car/Trunk

·         Candy to Pass Out

·         Lights (Optional)

·         Trash bags to keep your area tidy.


• HOSTING A GAME: Pick a game from our list to host or create your very own! (Download List Here)

·         Man at least two 1 hour shifts.

·         Purchase/bring all the supplies on the list.

·         Church will help with the structural pieces if needed.

·         Trash Bags to keep your area neat and tidy.

·         Label all your personal items!


• SMALL TOWN HEROES: This league of Storytellers will take care of the details! We are looking for Storefront Attendants, Inflatable Moderators, Runners, and people to join the Set Up and Tear Down Crew. As you can see, there are a few miscellaneous areas to cover throughout the event that you'll enjoy being a part of! Sign up to be a Small Town Hero and we will give you an assignment.


Everyone: Bring Candy and bring money for the dunk-tank!!!



Sunday, October 22

Brief Festival Meeting after lunch
   (bring lunch or go get some and come back!)
•  Visiting neighborhoods to pass out flyers after Meeting!

Sunday, October 29

• Shorter Service – Lunch provided for festival Storytellers!
• Set up after lunch.
• Small Town Festival 4:00 pm -8:00pm


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*If you select "Host a Game", we will send you an email list of available games you can host!
Do you need to be by an outlet or would like help thinking through the best way to build, execute your idea? Leave us a note and we will connect with you shortly!