Sundays 10:30 AM
Check-In begins at 9:15 AM

Children's Zone

We are passionate about leading the next generation into an era of grace. Your child will never hear any performance-driven theology or be told that God is upset with them or disappointed in them. Instead, they will learn the truth: That Jesus did it all and our part is to simply believe and receive His amazing love.

Every Sunday, we have a place that is fun, high-energy, and filled with a variety of songs, activities, skits, and games specifically designed for your child who is in K-5th grade. They will laugh as well as learn valuable truths in an environment that is safe and filled with friendly volunteers that love giving your child the best church experience possible. We want your child to know how much God loves them and we do that in a way that encourages experience and discovery of truth over merely telling them. There are times for your child to voice what they are thinking and feeling and they help shape the morning.


We believe that the Nursery is more than just child-care. Children are soaking in the world around them and we want them to hear how much God loves them even at their young age.

That is why every week we have fun-loving volunteers who share these basic truths with your child through songs, activities and crafts, games, and video. We pack the morning full of fun things for your little one to do that will encourage their creativity, engage them on their level, and give them a fun experience to go home talking about.

All of our volunteers are background checked, and we take your child’s safety seriously. Check-in begins at 9:15 am at “Grace Kids Academy” which is adjoined to the main building of the church. Please let us know of any food allergies they may have or other needs we should be aware of when you drop them off. If it’s your first time, we invite you to walk through and see the facilities that are fun, age-appropriate, and designed to excite little imaginations.