Our People Are Amazing

Our offices are closed on Fridays and the building is normally empty. But for the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of activity happening here, from construction to setting up for Sunday. However, today has been the first Friday since I've been here that it has been completely empty. And then it struck me. This place will never feels empty. So many people have made this place a home for community and even when the building is "closed" and the lights are shut off, I can still sense the brightness, warmth and kindness from our people. Our people are amazing

In the last couple of weeks, our hearts have been overflowing with gratitude and love for our church family. We are stronger and more loving than ever. I wanted to take time to give a shout-out to some that came to mind today. Please enjoy the run-on sentences below...

We are thankful for Tyler Hunt, John Yandell and Michael Ledbetter for putting in extra hours to sharpen their skills and trouble shoot in the areas of sound, lighting and production. For Mary and Jim Byrd for being loyal, steady and consistent and for always striving for excellence.  For Oscar Castaneda, who is the ultimate "chief" (he hates that word) and practically works here. Oscar makes sure that things runs smoothly around here during the week and on Sunday mornings and has been such a great contributor to the new webdesign and lobby construction. A big thank you to Margi Everett for editing our website and giving valuable feedback. Kim Niquette for her help with the Storytellers lobby, taking lead of the connection team, and for always suggesting sushi for lunch. Kurt LeBlanc for that epic photo-shoot (so fun!). Dan Watson and Brooke van Kaam for taking candid community photos at our events. Our handyman extraordinaire Carlos Hendon and for Jim Russel for taking care of the little details and looking out for the Grace Family. For Carolyn Hostetter for her sweet demeanor and helping us during the week in the office. For Melissa Smith who helps with office work (and so much more!) and for the energy she inspires when she talks about the future of Grace.  And of course for the best staff on this planet Pastor Clark Whitten, Pastor Javin van Kaam, Tammy Snell, Gabby Niquette, Gabe Wells and Jordan Klima.  You each play such an invaluable role here. There are so many more people that I haven't mentioned in this post that are great and loving contributors to our family. Please know that we see you and we love who you are and what you do here at Grace! Make sure to recognize those around you who help make this building feel like home.

- Mio Frye
Creative Director

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