Unexpected - Easter Service

Our perception of God was incomplete and distorted. We were sinners in the hands of an angry God. We were hopeless, lost, and striving to attain some form of holiness that we thought would make God pleased with us. While some were in search of a political revolutionary our minds created a god in our image.

A Savior was prophesied and His coming predicted in the old testament. We anticipated Him to save us and for His kingdom to rule on earth. Christ not only fulfilled the prophesies and the law, He embodied it completely. His love for humanity led Him to the cross, but ever since The Event, the fullness of his sacrifice and victory over death has been greatly underestimated. Our expectations were low, believing that it was up to us to save ourselves. However, God’s ways are higher and His thoughts towards us scandalous. The unexpected invaded our perceived reality and He was better than we could have possibly imagined.

Join us for our two part message series leading up to Easter Service title "Unexpected". Together we get to celebrate the greatest story in human history this Easter.

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