Barbara's Story | Come Soar With Me

 by: Barbara Watts

I am absolutely astounded that God, the Great Three in One, knows me so personally and has such delight and desire for me and to live His life in me.

I have lived in a place of union and intimacy with Abba for some years but this revelation continues to grow day by day.  He really does think I’m special.

He has the ability to make each one of us think that we are His favorite.  It sets my heart to singing and my feet to dancing.  Sometimes it seems like I’m literally dancing with Jesus even though I’m sitting in my chair.  How can that be?

He feels the same way about you too.  He loves to sing and dance with you even when you are crying.  He loves to embrace and love on you.

Recently He showed me that He really knows me.  I’m totally known by Him.  He knows every thought and desire, loves me and calls me His treasured possession.   Wow, what an awesome realization.

Somehow He knows when I’m ready to give up.  Yet, He is like the shepherd who left the herd (the ninety-nine so to speak) to come to me, embrace me, and let me know I’m His own.

It seems like the revelation of Abba’s love goes further into my spirit and emotions as the days go by.  Because He so loves me I can come to Him and fall madly in love with Him.  I find it helpful to drop all guards, walls, and veils and say, yes Lord here I come.  I trust you!  I love you too!

He knows you too.  I mean He really knows you and loves you and calls you His treasured possession.

I recently felt the Lord speaking the following words to me.  I pray they speak to your heart in the same way they did mine.

My dear one I delight in you.  My desire is toward you.  I love you with an everlasting, unfailing love.  I will surprise you.  I will fascinate you.  I will never leave you.  You are never alone.  I am so much better than you could ever imagine or expect!  Better than wine!  Better than life!  Come soar with Me in the things of the Spirit.  I will thrill your heart.  I will astound you.  There is so much more I have to show you.  Come soar with Me.  I will fill you with wonders.  Rest in Me, I have won the war!  You are My treasured possession.  My Heart is for you, and My desire is for you.   Love, Abba.