written by : Melissa Smith

I woke up this morning and after shaking off the "I just woke up" fog, I was hit with the realization that I am the daughter of God.

I am His daughter.
A co-heir with Christ.

I can call Him Daddy and rest in His arms when I need to. It's an overwhelming thought. I tried picturing how He sees me in the context of being His daughter. The image of 4 year old me sitting on a swing with my head back, face to the sun and laughing came to mind. He sees me as His little girl. He sees all of us as His babies. Not in the sense that we're still being spoon-fed, but in the sense that He wants to lavish His love and attention over us. He has blessed us because we love Him and chose Him to be our Father. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Every. Spiritual. Blessing. We haven't had to do anything, but receive His love and we have been gifted with blessing upon blessing. Our identity in our Father is a blessed child.

The blessings we have aren't the kind that the world is seeking. They aren't cars or houses or designer wardrobes. No, these blessings shape who we are at our very core. As God's chosen ones we are holy and loved. We are compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient. Our blessings have nothing to do with material stuff. They have everything to do with becoming a picture of who Jesus is in us. They are our badge of honor and invoke awe and wonder in our hearts that threatens to knock us to our knees (and often does). Because of our God given heritage, we have the sheer pleasure of resting in our Abba Father and basking in His love for us. I am my Daddy's sweetheart and so are you.