Gabby's Story | God Moments


Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is, and what He has done. – Louie Giglio

Worship is my safe place—the place where I feel most in sync with the heartbeat of Jesus. Worship is an honor—something that we get to partake in for the rest of eternity as New Creations. Worship here on earth gives us just a small taste, a mere glimpse into forever—what life that brings!

Putting a worship set together for Sunday morning is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of my week because it is an opportunity for me to press in and listen for what God wants to share with His church. It is an opportunity to be a small part of His story that is way more impressive and massive than mine could ever be on its own. I don’t ever take that for granted! My heart in every set is to tell the story of His lavish love and grace for His children, to show His heart that longs to restore and redeem, and to exalt a God who is bigger and better than we could ever really comprehend.

We all worship. It is what we were designed to do. Our worship— the worship of the God who was and is and is to come, the God who sacrificed everything to be with us, the God who has given us every spiritual blessing as heirs to His Kingdom—should look different from how the world worships. As we immerse ourselves in who He has made us to be as sons and daughters of the King, circumstances, hurt, confusion, pride, and anxiety all fade away. It becomes all about Him.  Worship brings us life and gives us a picture of His glory. It's overwhelming!

When we worship together, it should never be about a person or a church building. My prayer is always that we are used by Jesus to create an atmosphere where people want to encounter Jesus, and when they do, they cannot help but be completely in awe of who He is.

There are so many instances where I, or a band member, will create a worship set weeks in advance, not knowing what the message for that morning will be. As I listen to the message, I am often blown away on how the song selection (from its lyrics to its message) compliments the teaching perfectly from start to finish. I love those God moments, and I thank Him for them! God continually shows me His faithfulness and is constantly reminding me that His plan is THE plan. The best plan! He works all things together for good; His loving-kindness endures forever; His grace saved me once and for all. Knowing these truths makes me feel secure in the promises He has made to me and to our church family.

And do you know what that causes me to do?