Margaret Everett's Story | How Do I Love Thee

By Margaret Everett - with a nod to E.B. Browing

I love you for the light of your love that illuminates my path.
I love you for the strength of your joy that infuses me with power.
I love you for the comfort of your tender words that still my anxious heart.
I love you for all the provisions that flow from your riches to supply my daily needs. 

I love you for the peace that you give which surpasses all understanding.
I love you and see you in the unrivaled beauty of your creation.
I love you for your unlimited capacity for forgiveness when I miss the mark.
I love you for the talents and gifts you have developed within me to enrich others.
I love you for the fruit of your Spirit planted and nurtured in me for your glory.

I love you because you first loved me. 

Jesus, I love you.