Frands and Ampersands

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and that is exactly what the ladies did at the Frands & Ampersands Calligraphy Night last weekend. Dozens of ladies brought their appetizers and desserts to the party. It definitely was a beautiful feast for the eyes and our tummies! After the ladies spending some time together eating sharing stories and laughing the plates were cleared to make room for the calligraphy. Nancy Surrat’s presentation was both educational and inspirational. She spent time demonstrating the basics of calligraphy to the group in such a beautiful way. Her explanation of how the time she has spent refining her craft became a precious time to spend with Jesus made women around the room rethink how they viewed the hobby. A simple introduction to the art of calligraphy became a reawakening of a desire to spend quality time with God. It was a beautiful realization for all of the ladies.

The thought provoking atmosphere rapidly changed when the emcee for the game portion of the evening was introduced! Gabe Wells was so entertaining as the host of a previous event, we had to have him in charge of this too. Trust us when we say he did not disappoint. He led the ladies into games that made us think and work together. He tested our ingenuity and the ability for us to shake what our mama gave us. The entertainment factor of this portion of the evening was noteworthy. For some it didn’t last long enough. Thankfully, there are more events to come.

The evening ended in the sanctuary with a devotional and worship. Colleen Wells (mama to Gabe) wrote a heartfelt piece about our perfect valentine and the immensity of His love for us. You can read her devotion here! Sally Watson led us in worship with songs that spoke of His love and faithfulness. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

However, the night was not quite over! The sparklers had to be lit! All of the ladies met outside for an epic group photo representing the beautiful women of In the Glow. We are thrilled to have been able to create this evening for you. We eagerly anticipate seeing you at all of our events this year.  - Written by Melissa Smith


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