Manifesto - Chapter 1



Written by Mio Frye

I can lose my grip on big picture concepts from time to time. I admit I had experienced mood swings with how I felt about our manifesto (mission statement). I also felt awkward about how to explain the reason behind the roots of In the Glow. In my preparations for Storyteller Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I discovered some things that blessed me to pieces!

During my preparation, I spent time chatting with God about the last 11 months of In the Glow. It's so funny to me that, until recently, I felt at a loss when asked "How did In the Glow start?" or "Why did you create In the Glow?" My initial reaction was to raise my eyebrows, shrug my shoulders and reply with a profound, "I dunno." Or. I would struggle with my memory of things -which is weird (even for me).


So when I was talking to God about this, I threw in this statement/rhetorical question combo:

"What an amazing journey this has been so far! God, how did we even get here?!"

Apparently (as I soon found out), God also answers rhetorical questions. I felt Him tell me that He too can be creative -with a little bit of sass, I may add! I laughed and felt so blessed by this and started to remember things that make perfect sense to me now.

I can remember the beginnings of Glow and how all the pieces came together so effortlessly. I remember feeling like I was riding in the passenger seat all along! This ministry was driven by God from the very beginning. He was in it all. From the conception to the design. From the name to the mission. I didn't even realize how deeply involved He was throughout the whole process and how fun this must have been for Him! I can totally relate from one "Creative Director" to another "Creative Director." Except, of course, He is the director of the universe and beyond.


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