Manifesto - Chapter 2



Written by Mio Frye

Lets talk about our manifesto, shall we...

I realized I had been so restless about it because it hadn't run through "Mio's Creative Process." I had little to no clue who the women of grace were. What's worse is that my perspective was off and I had a lot of misconceptions. However, God knows exactly who we are as individuals and as a community.

He knows our likes, what makes us happy, and what we needed when He created In the Glow.
It was His gift to us.

Our manifesto is yet another example of "how did this even happen?" Now when I read our manifesto, I feel like the essence of it is a personal note straight from His heart to encourage us and to tell us who we really are.

Here's where it became really personal to me and when I realized that God had a purpose for In the Glow in my life when I didn't think there was one. I remembered that I had revisited the story of Moses when his face became radiant when I was in the process of creating the concept of In the Glow. It's my favorite story in the bible hands down. In the story, Moses' face was glowing because He was speaking to God in close proximity "like you would a neighbor." When Moses asked God to show His glory, out of all the attributes God could have picked to represent Himself, He chose to display His goodness. I love that! I began to see what God had done with my all time favorite story. He used it to describe to me the "why" behind the idea of In the Glow. If I were to describe the women of Grace Church, I would say we are (in fact) glowing because we are genuinely happy because of our "close proximity" and relationship with God. We experience and believe in His goodness and his tender heart towards us.

I get it now. I had no clue that In the Glow was going to represent something more profound than a cutesy name for a girls group. It became the place where I was made aware of how detailed God is in my life. I realize now that nothing happens in my life just for other people. It happens for me too.


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