Reframing the Way We Approach Rejection and Pain

by Mio Frye

This Thursday is the launch of a group that is led by my dear mocha sister Melissa Smith (not so mocha last name, but I'm a Frye so who's judging who?). The group will be reading and discussing Lysa Terkeurst's book: Uninvited. The book dives into Lysa's story of pain and rejection and how God helped her to re-frame her perspective. This led her on a path of discovering wholeness in Christ. Something we all can relate to I'm sure.

Instinctually, we think of pain as a bad thing. but what if it’s not?  Understanding grace changed my understanding of God's character and started this beautiful journey of self-discovery. I wish you knew me 5 years ago. I was scared, timid, depressed and was really good at hiding a tremendous amount of pain behind a smile. I wanted to start moving forward, away from the crappy-crap that was my life, and towards healing. But, I was at a loss as to how. How do I recover from years of feeling like a victim and how do I begin to overcome my deep hopelessness?  I prayed that God would take all the pain away and He did. Just not overnight and not the way I expected Him to. He grabbed me by my tiny hand and we walked TOWARDS it together. TOWARDS is the opposite of AWAY, by the way. I kept looking up to God and telling Him that we were going the wrong way! But no, He knew exactly where we were going and would gently squeeze my hand reminding me He had me. And when I needed it the most, His embrace sheltered me during the times I wanted to turn around and call it quits.  He empowered me to move closer towards what scared me the most while reminding me who I was in Him and what I meant to Him. The healing process was painful and super scary. Looking back, I have no idea how I amassed the courage to even agree to it, but God has a way to divinely persuade us to try the impossible.

So now I ask you, what if you took your pain and flipped it on its head, completely changing your perspective, what would you learn?

Re-framing our perspective is certainly not easy, especially when your deep in the crappy-crap. But it is absolutely possible. God helps us to change the way we look at our personal pain and teaches us not to be afraid of something He has already overcome. Understanding our pain does not dismiss it, but it adds purpose to it. It turns it into something powerful.

As long as we’re living, we will experience hardship. But we have a vibrant Spirit within us to help us choose what we do with it. Your pain can be your strength. So, embrace it.  Don’t be afraid of it. Stay inspired when working it out. Lean on God, His word and listen to your Spirit. Stay connected with us and let's share our stories to empower and lift others up. Love you ladies and I encourage you take part in this study on Thursday!  Wonderful things will happen!

Class Starts this Thursday, June 22nd from 6-8pm at Grace Church.
If you have any questions regarding the study email Melissa at