My Coffee Run


Everyday experiences have a way of turning into a stick-in-your-head-event. At least that's how it worked out one afternoon when I stopped to grab a cup of coffee at my favorite spot. I happened to walk past a young man who looked to be sleeping at a picnic table on the way in. His head popped up as he said, "Excuse me ma'am, but do you think you can get me a banana? I"m so hungry and I think a banana will settle my stomach." My reply was quick. "A banana? You're asking me to get you a banana? Sure, I'll get you a banana." My words carried the disbelief I felt in every syllable.

I walked into the gas station (yes my favorite coffee comes from a gas station) determined to feed this kid more than a banana. So, I grabbed two and thought, Lord there has to be more than a banana I can get him. What other food would he like? Immediately a turkey sandwich came to mind, so I got him a turkey sandwich. A bottle of water came to mind, so I got him a big bottle of water. I stood in line with my purchase, and a $5 gift card came to mine, so I grabbed a gift card.

As I handed him the bag of food, he made a move to stand while hungrily eyeing his food. I told him not to get up (as he was trying to thank me) and just eat his food. Then, of course, I  made a bad joke about having enough for lunch and dinner. Leave it to me to make a crummy joke.

While I waited, I prayed for the young man. I prayed that he would feel the presence of Jesus in this interaction. I prayed the kindness and love of our Father would stay with him long after the food was eaten. I prayed God would send someone that would be able to offer him a way out of his current situation.

You can look at this and put it into the category of a one time, random thing.  I love that what I thought was a quick coffee run was actually a purposeful moment meant to impact my life and the life of this young man. It's incredible to me to know that God used a turkey sandwich and some bananas to speak into this young man's life.

Written by Melissa Smith

Small acts of kindness can speak volumes about God's boundless and unconditional love, especially when they come in moments of real need. That's the idea behind our next Glow service project - Care Packets for the Homeless - which happens this Saturday, August 26 from 10:30-12. Just bring something from the list linked in our bio, we'll assemble the care packets during our time together, and then distribute them amongst ourselves to hand out when we see someone in need. More Info here.