Family Fall Festival | PHOTO ALBUM

Our first Family Fall Festival was a huge success! We are so happy with the way that everything turned out. We were blown away by the amount of people who attended. Not only was our church family able to enjoy the games, bounce houses and trunk or treating, but a large amount of people from the surrounding community also attended. We estimate a few hundred people made their way through the Festival, That’s amazing!

We never would have been able to pull it off without everyone who participated. The games turned out to be so much fun. Your hard work and the effort that was put into making it as awesome as possible was not unnoticed. The same is true for everyone who hosted a trunk. You guys put so much work into creating a fun environment. The level of creativity that everyone displayed is incredible. We could go on and on about each and every one of your costumes, games and decorations. We loved it!

The ability we have to positively impact our community is what motivated us to offer an alternative to Halloween. It's what motivates us to think of new ways to bring our community to Grace Church. This event was just the beginning. We are humbled to realize that while we were busy working to make an amazing Family Fall Festival, God was allowing us to shine our light as brightly as possible. As Carolyn Hostetter put it, “We must [have been] radiating Jesus!” We say it all of the time, but we are so excited for what God is doing at Grace Church!





Mio FryeComment