In the Glow: Game Night Recap + Pics

Last Saturday marked the 2nd Annual In the Glow Game Night. The night opened with delicious appetizers and lots of happy conversations. As the ladies enjoyed the yumminess, the In the Glow team got a little personal with a couple rounds of 2 Truths and a Lie. Details like Gabby's distaste for the green Girl Scout uniforms, Colleen's afternoon with Walter Conkrite, Mio's use of colorful adjectives and Melissa's love of the Brady Bunch were brought to light in the midst of a healthy amount of teasing and laughter. The night quickly progressed into a few rounds of Bin-Glow, That's Bingo, Glow style for those who are unfamiliar with the game. After a couple of attempts at breaking the group up into teams, the time for the main event had arrived.

The groups began by creating a team name using the Scrabble pieces laid out on the table. Naturally, there were some creative entries. Once named, the teams worked to create the most imaginative Mad Lib for a chance at starting trivia with an advantage. The questions ranged from easy to challenging. The fierce battle of the brains was close several times, but in the end the Trivia Queens, Fact were named the ultimate winners. The night ended in the traditional group picture and sparkler lighting. It was an evening filled with laughter, friendship and so much love.