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Gradient Week 6

I am a daughter of the Most High God. He loves me explicitly and loves everything about me. When He looks at me, He only sees the child He loves and all of the plans He has for my future. He doesn't see my past... but, I do. Other people do. For many of us, once this thought enters it creates a dichotomy in our reality and we're back to the barren wasteland.

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Gradient Week 5

In the waiting room of seasons, we are the ones spending our time looking out the window at the beautiful blue sky while reflecting on God's goodness instead of constantly checking our watches in order to count the second-hand movement tick by tick. Shifting your focus onto all of the ways God is blessing you, large and small, keeps you focused on the goodness and faithfulness of your Father. It is this faithfulness that carries you through each “to.”

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