"The Graceys": A Storyteller Award Ceremony

We had a blast at "The Graceys"! As we celebrate all of the beautiful moments of 2016, we eagerly and expectantly wait for all God has for us as a family in 2017. The future is bright, and we look forward to spreading the message of grace to more and more people in our surrounding community and around the world.

We thank you, our Storytellers, for investing in our house and for helping us accomplish the dreams that we know that Lord has put on our heart. The dreaming has not stopped, the best is yet to come! Please do not underestimate your value. You are so appreciated!

Scroll down to watch the "Year In Review" video that was played on Sunday morning to highlight all that happened in 2016 for Grace Church, as well as service images and the pictures that were taken at the photobooth!





Mio FryeComment