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She No Longer Exists

My heart and soul knew this. My mind took a while to catch up to this reality. Shadows from my past were constantly being thrust to the forefront of my mind. I realized that if the God of the universe, in His mercy, didn't remember the old me, then I had nothing to feel ashamed about. The love and acceptance of my Father overshadowed everything else.

Then people happened.

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Our Beautiful Charge

"I can imagine Lazarus in the tomb, his body beginning to decay and bound with the robes and stench of death. With His word 'Lazarus, come out!' Lazarus was given resurrected life by Jesus. However, it was what Jesus said afterwards that caught me off guard. He said: “'Take off the grave clothes and let him go.'” Ok, so it's not what He said that surprised me, but who it is said to."

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His love for me is not dependent on how or how much I love Him.  There is nothing I can do to make it worse or better.  It is what it already is – absolute and perfect. 

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Speaking to Your Children about Tragedies

"... I longed to breathe the same air as my children. I imagined what they smelled like and what their beating hearts felt like as I drew them close. I imagined the cold sterile hospital waiting rooms full of mothers and fathers and loved ones waiting to do the same. I imagined the mothers and fathers and loved ones of those who were killed and who are left desperately clinging to only memories."

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Finding Family in Grace

"My idea of family was so wrong. My focus was never in the right place even when I thought I was doing the right thing as a Christian. My membership card did nothing but sit in my wallet. It didn't make me feel accepted for who I was or loved beyond measure. It just occupied a slot. My attempts at creating the environment I craved were pointless. I wandered from relationship to relationship trying to find the person who would be able to create that with me."

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Writer's Group | Melissa's Story

My journey to the gospel of grace wasn't dramatic in the sense that I left behind a lot of wrong thinking or ingrained thought patterns. You can't recover from something you never really allowed to dominate your life. My church life as a child was spent ignoring the message. My brief time in church as an adult (after giving my life to the Lord) was spent trying to figure out how to make it all work.

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The Time of Conquering

"The physical reality of Him hanging on the cross belies the spiritual reality of Him conquering the grave." - Melissa Smith

As we are getting close to Easter, you begin to hear discussions and talks about the cross and the fullness of it's effect in our community. Read Melissa's journal about what the cross signifies to her and what she describes as "The Time of Conquering".

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