The Finished Work of Christ – the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament served to condemn sin, constantly reminding the sinner that humanity, at its best, was and continues to be unable to meet God’s standard of righteousness and holiness.  Jesus fulfilled “The Law” while on earth, offering Himself as a perfect sacrifice for our sin.  In so doing, everyone who believes in Him becomes a New Creation in Christ where we are made righteous as He is righteous and holy as He is holy.  Believers are not under the jurisdiction of the Law, but are under grace.  

God did His part completely.  The part that remains for us is to believe and receive by faith the fullness of who Christ is and what He accomplished for us.


God loved us enough to give His Son, Jesus, who would willingly lay down His life as a perfect sacrifice for our sin and failure.  What we could not do on our own, Jesus did!  We are saved by grace though faith. Scripture tells us “whoever believes in Jesus will be saved.”

God the Father  

He is the eternally existent One, forever holy and loving Creator, whose ultimate intention is to have many sons and daughters. God is WHAT He is, but Father is WHO He is.


God’s only Son, eternal and holy, entered into creation, having been conceived by the Spirit and born of a virgin. He revealed God the Father by living His life without sin, choosing to suffer and die for the sins of the world, rising from the dead on the third day, offering salvation and eternal life to everyone who believes.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the life and presence of God living within the believer, teaching, comforting, equipping, and empowering each one to live life in its fullness as sons and daughters of God


The Church is the organic expression of God’s purpose and love demonstrated through believers who gather to worship, love, encourage, and care for one another.


It is the inspired and miraculously preserved word of God, used by God to reveal His love and redemptive purpose in Christ to the world.


Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, is a part of the life of every believer. In celebrating corporately throughout the year, we invite everyone to reflect on Jesus and His sacrifice for us and victory on the cross. The bread represents His body which was broken for us, a body prepared by the Father through the Spirit and given to Jesus to demonstrate just how great His love is for us. The wine represents the precious blood of the Son of God poured out for the forgiveness of sins — every single one! Nothing was left undone. Communion reveals we are priceless to Him.


Baptism is an outward demonstration of inner transformation. It is a celebration of what happened the moment you believed in Jesus. The Bible says that the moment we believed, our flesh was crucified with Christ, and we were made alive with Him. We become something new! Baptism is an opportunity to express this truth among friends and family of the new life you now live.