Pure Grace: The life changing power of uncontaminated grace


if your once exciting Christian walk has slowed to a crawl, if your joy has abandoned you, then you owe it to yourself to read “Pure Grace”. It is filled with liberating truth. It defines pure grace like no other book I have read, and there have been many of them.
— 5.0 out of 5 stars: By Angelo on April 5, 2012
This theologically sound book helps to start the conversation about our misplaced faith in our own abilities and strengthen our faith in God’s goodness which is suffice for each one of.
— 5.0 out of 5 stars By Nathan Awdykowyz on January 15, 2016
This is probably one of the best books that I have read about grace. If you want a good understanding about grace, pick this book up. It is hard to put this book down because it is so good. Clark does an excellent job in presenting the true gospel and I believe you will really enjoy this. I’ve read this several times and even bought it for all of my board members to read.
— 5.0 out of 5 stars ByJet Wo on October 24, 2015

Grace with conditions that depend on humanity’s performance to stay in it is no grace at all. Grace, so called, that is uncertain, conditional, or fearful is flat out no grace at all."

About the Book

Self-effort and behavior modification that many Christians live under is a lie that has demoralized and defeated the church for centuries. A revelation of grace brings liberty!    "Grace is too good to be true!" It does seem too good to be true. But it is true! Liberty, freedom, joy, spiritual passion, hope, and a host of other benefits result from a revelation of grace. Spiritual revival is crucial for a maturing believer--and understanding grace is part of that process.