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We love our community and believe it is where we see God’s grace, His favor, come to life!

We love our community and believe it is where we see God’s grace, His favor, come to life! A right view of how God sees us impacts how we see each other, as well as, what life in the kingdom looks like. It looks like Jesus! Seeing each other the way God sees us means we are a graceful family as He is. We’re excited that you’re interested in joining us, and we want you to be included in the life of the church. We believe it’s by doing meaningful kingdom work together that lifelong friendships are formed, memories are shared, and our gifts are used to advance the gospel.






Nursery and children support.


Helping others to connect in our community.
Door Holders | Greeters | Connection Table


Providing opportunities for our community to engage & interact among friendships and food.
Food Prep | Baristas


Event Set Up and Teardown

Sound | Lights | Video | Photography | Live Stream



Runners | Check-In | Set Up+Clean Up
Photo-booth Help | Photographers


Musicians and Vocalists


Sunday Mornings | Special Events


STATIC Youth Culture | Alive Middle School Student Support



Helping Set-Up + Tear Down for church events.


We Desire:

  • To teach the message of grace in many ways over many mediums.

  • To reach others around the globe with the message through live streaming and online resources.

  • To affirm the basics and foundational understanding of the Gospel of Grace to the younger generation from Nursery age - College age.

  • To create opportunities for community to grow where life is shared in meaningful ways

  • To foster and develop groups during the week where believers can grow in their understanding of the message and connect with others.

  • To serve our local communities in practical ways through charitable work and community events centered around the family.