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Learn more about our Grace Culture and the story we share.

Our church culture is different, and the story we share is unique because of the way we experience grace. We invite you to join our next “We Are Storytellers” class as Pastor Javin walks us through the Experiencing Grace series: a six-week course and in-depth look at the principles of grace and how they are applied to our lives. This will be a great opportunity to learn, refresh your knowledge, ask questions, and discuss the very thing that makes Grace Church who we are as a community.

After the six week class, we will spend the following Saturday participating in a fun and powerful Mindstyles Workshop. This workshop is designed for Storytellers to learn a new way to examine how God has created us uniquely as individuals.

We will offer a Culture Night the week after Mindstyles to wrap up the class, allow a Q & A time, and to hear more about what shapes the culture at Grace Church.



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