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How we view worship ministry

  • We don’t see worship as merely songs that are performed but instead as a natural response to God’s overwhelming love and commitment toward us.

  • Music is one way that we can communicate our heart-felt response to God.

  • It is important to us that the songs that we sing reflect the finished work of Jesus and do not contain any mixture of old-covenant thinking or practice.

  • Therefore, based out of the new covenant reality we live in, we do not believe we need to ask God to show up, reveal Himself to us, wait on Him to do something, ask for forgiveness so He can hear us, or any other misunderstanding that comes by mixing old and new covenant concepts.

  • We value professionalism in the leading of our church in song, which may include a level of engagement that can be seen as performance. However, we do not believe the worship stage is a place for pride, ego, or agendas. We see ourselves as a equals, as the bride of Christ, utilizing our individual talents towards the greater goal of producing high-quality music every Sunday that encourages others, places attention on our Savior, and prepares our hearts to receive what God has to say.

Eligibility to be considered for the team

  • Participants on the worship team must be believers in Jesus, His finished work, and exemplify a lifestyle of worship on and off the stage.

  • Applicants must be skilled and able to perform at a standard we set of excellence, which includes both musical ability and spiritual maturity.

  • Applicants must attend Grace Church regularly.

Talent and Skill

  • Musicians and vocalists must exhibit excellence in their craft and have experience playing with a band or musical group.

  • Musicians and vocalists should have open hearts to receive advice, correction, training, and should be committed to growing in the expertise of their primary instrument or voice.

  • This can include but is not limited to ongoing lessons, refinement of tonality, and ability to lead others well.


  • Worship team members should be actively involved at Grace Church and dedicated to Grace Church’s vision and to the leadership.

  • Those who commit to serving on the worship team are asked to attend weekly Tuesday night rehearsals (7-8:30pm) and are expected to do their best to make sure other commitments do not interfere with their ability to serve on the worship team.

  • Team members are responsible for learning their parts, being prepared, and maintaining a positive attitude and one of excellence in all things team related.

  • Musicians and Vocalists are expected to provide their own professional-grade equipment including amps, pedals, in-ear monitors, and anything else needed to maintain a high-quality sound.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Attendance and punctuality are highly valued attributes of any team member and are essential to maximizing our efforts as a team.

  • Weekly rehearsals are required, and members should arrive 15 minutes prior to rehearsal time to set up and be ready to work on the designated material.

  • Those who are unable to attend rehearsals should not expect to participate on the worship team the following Sunday unless prior arrangements with the Worship Pastor have been made.

New Applicants and Waiting Periods

  • We recruit on an as needed basis. Although we want to provide an opportunity for our members who want to explore their gifts and callings here at the church we do not believe the main stage is the only place to do this.

  • Anyone interested in joining the team is encouraged to set up an appointment with the Worship Director to discuss any opportunities available and what requirements would need to be met.

  • The prospective worship team member will then prepare for an audition based upon materials Grace Church will provide as a guide.

  • After an audition, the prospective worship team member will need to attend the next available WE ARE STORYTELLERS class if they have not done so already, and are encouraged to and be a part of the Connection Team. This is so that they have opportunites to get to know the Storytelling culture and the people you will be leading. It also gives them an opportunity to sit in our morning gathering to grow in their knowledge of the grace message.

Schedule Conflicts and Emergencies

  • If at any time, a member cannot attend a service, rehearsal, etc. they must notify the Worship Pastor in advance if at all possible so that proper adjustments can be made.

  • Thank you for your interest in joining the team. We believe that God has gifted many of us with talents that can be used to enhance the worship experience on a Sunday. We look forward to seeing if what you have to offer is a good fit for us at this time.

Song Links for Auditions //  Choose One

Glorious Day by Passion Band (Guy)

Reckless Love by Corey Asbury (Guy)

Welcome the Healer by Passion Band (Guy)

King of Kings by Hillsong Worship (Girl)

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship (Girl)

What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship (Girl)

It Is Finished by Passion Band (Girl)