Grace Kids

Encouraging children and families

God loves kids, and so do we!

Life is hectic and sometimes you just need a little help.

We get it and are dedicated to making church fun and engaging so your kids will want to attend. We’ll partner with you to help them understand how much God loves them, that they’re secure in Him, and that caring for others is always a good choice. Whether it’s a Sunday morning or one of our events, we want your kids to experience God’s goodness and to grow up in wisdom, maturity, and grace just like Jesus did.



Not only do we want our kids to know the Bible stories, we want them to be intrigued by the God of the Bible. We want them to apply what they learn to their lives at home, school, and in their neighborhoods.



As our kids grow, we believe God’s love gives them the freedom to ask questions while looking for answers and to express themselves as well as listen to others.


Growing up knowing God’s love and trusting His goodness, allows our kids to be free from shame and find joy as they bravely face the future. 

Grace Kids Events