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An excerpt from Pure Grace

“Do you regularly wake up with a sense of well-being about yourself and your relationship with God? Is there an ongoing sense of awe about being in union with and personally loved by your heavenly Father? When you think about spiritual things and how you are doing in your walk with God, do you judge yourself based on your performance of a list of ought-to- or should-be or will-do? …If you are “working” to please Him, you are in for a lifetime of unfinished business, and it will leave you perpetually exhausted!”


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“Excellent book. He successfully challenges a lot of what we in the church have embraced unthinkingly, with great zeal but producing very poor fruit. Although the author is at times very direct (my kinda guy!) it is a very welcome reminder that its all about Him and His finished works. That’s it.

I’m not sure that anyone reading this book will remain unchanged.”

(Rem, UK)

“The message of Pure Grace reflects the title. The writer’s message is: We become Christians through the grace of God – we cannot earn God’s salvation by works. Therefore, why do we try to maintain the Christian life by works. We can never be good enough on our own, but require God’s grace to live for Him.”

(Cappy, US)